A Day of Dancing

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending A Day of Dancing hosted by Gleb, Artem, and Alan from Dancing with the Stars. It was a dance camp open to people of all skill levels that ran 10am- 4pm, with a lunch break. I had an incredible time and am still floating on cloud 9!

What made it extra amazing was that only 16 of us registered for the Dallas date! But I learned they are capping each city at 30 attendees to keep it more personal and not have it feel like a convention masterclass. I could always see well during the classes, I was able to ask multiple questions in the Q&A, and I really felt like I got to know the three of them by the time the day ended. What more can you want?

Gleb, Artem, and Alan were all approachable, polite, incredible dancers, and patient teachers. And oh, by the way, they are even more attractive in person!

So the day started out with 30-45 minutes for us to mingle with them and take pictures. We all got a shot with all three of them, and then it was informal to do whatever else you wanted. Some attendees bought pictures they wanted the guys to sign. I asked Gleb to dip me for a picture, which he graciously did, and then he even recommended that we have someone film a boomerang video of it 🙂 I also asked Alan if I could hug him for a picture. Side note: Alan gives really great hugs – my life would be happier if I could have an Alan hug every day ❤ Poor Alan was being killed by his allergies in Texas though. He made a joke about crying because he was so happy to see us. It was nice to take pictures before we were sweaty.

First Gleb taught a salsa combo, then Alan taught Viennese Waltz, and Artem closed out the day with a chacha. During Gleb’s class he would watch us do the routine and float around the room to help people who were struggling or to grab us to dance. At one point he grabbed me, which was so much fun. All the guys were good about rotating rows so everyone had a chance to be in front. In between the two afternoon masterclasses there was 45 min for us to ask them whatever we wanted to know about them/DWTS.

I splurged on the Gold Package, so that meant I got to have a private lesson with one of the guys after the main camp ended at 4pm. I picked Gleb and was really happy with my decision. I had a 2 hour break before my lesson, so I went home and then brought my mom along to meet the guys and take some video at the private lesson. All 3 guys teach private lessons at once, but there was plenty of space to spread out. If you have a specific style you want to do in the lesson, they are happy to let you pick. I asked if we could record the salsa combo he taught earlier and then asked if he would teach me a routine from tour. Gleb taught me part of the opening chacha number. It wasn’t easy, but I like to be challenged. I just wished I had more time to finesse it – I can tell in the video that I have my thinking face on. But nevertheless, when the lesson was almost over Gleb said “Alan, watch this.” And he did! And it makes my heart happy that Gleb thought I was doing well and wanted Alan to witness it.

Check out their event website to learn more! There are dates coming up for Minneapolis, Austin, and LA. I also have intel that they are adding a Boston date in June. If you are a fan of DWTS, you should absolutely go! Yes, it is expensive but you get SO much more time with them than you get doing meet & greet at tour. And you can visit my Instagram if you want to see more pictures and videos.

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