DWTS Season 28 Predictions

After an entire year, the wait is finally over! DWTS Season 28 is here!  As someone who has been watching the show for 12 years and ballroom dancing for 7, I want to share my thoughts on the opening night and predict who will make final 4.

…drumroll please…

DWTS Season 28 top 4 prediction (in no particular order):

  • Hannah and Alan!  Hannah is young and fit, and she’s used to being in front of the camera.  She has the strength of Bachelor Nation voting for her (and we saw how far that got Joe last year).  I thought she did a great job last night! As someone who knows ballroom, I can say that was not an easy routine Alan gave her. She looked confident, stayed on time, and hit some great lines. I watched her on Bachelor and Bachelorette and can say that Hannah keeps it real and is likeable.  The producers will probably try to push another showmance on Alan which is kind of annoying.
  • Lauren and Gleb! Lauren did a great job last night! As a country singer she should have a good sense of rhythm and be fairly comfortable in front of crowds.  I think Lauren and Gleb will have fun together and the audience will enjoy watching it. I think she’ll also be a person that can really grow throughout the season, it’s kind of anticlimactic when a contestant is already an excellent dancer on night one.
  • James and Emma! James totally surprised me with the caliber of his dancing last night. He had a nice frame and poise as he danced. He seemed comfortable out there and it was fun to watch.  And that solo he did for the first eight counts was on point!  In the past Emma has been stuck with some of the older, kind of “odd” competitors, so I think she’s super excited and will bring her A-game this season. The majority of DWTS viewers are female, so an attractive, talented guy like James should have no problem getting votes.  
  • Sailor and Val! Ok of the four, this is probably a little bit of a wild card. BUT, I was impressed with Sailor’s performance last night. With only 3 days to prep she was dancing just as well as everyone who had 3 weeks to prepare.  It looked like she was having fun, and that is always enjoyable to watch. Plus, Val is a great teacher and is hugely popular on his own.  Even if Sailor doesn’t have a big fan-base of her own, I think they can still pull in the votes.  

Other random observations – I was glad the judges used lower numbered paddles this week.  If a competitor gets an 8 on their first week, there isn’t much room to go up from there.  So it was good to see most of the contestants taking home 5, 6, and 7s. That way they’ll appreciate the climb to that 10 even more.  And I also like that the judges are pushing the pros to put in more recognizable ballroom patterns and less fluff.  I can literally watch Hannah’s routine and be like – oh, look, Cuban breaks, new yorker, underarm turn, etc. Sometimes in previous seasons if the dance style wasn’t announced then I wouldn’t really know what I was looking at.

Two other male celebs that I’m excited to watch this season are Kel and Karamo.  I don’t think they’ll make the finale, but I think they’ll do a good job.

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