Holiday Gift Guide for Ballroom Dancers

Yes, I know it’s not Thanksgiving yet, but it’s time to start thinking about holiday gifts. If you are stumped on what to get your dance teacher or dance friends then look no further! Or you can subtlety forward this link to your family as a hint to what they should get you for the holidays 😉 And the best part is that some of these support small businesses run by fellow dancers!

Attire from Feather Three: Soft t-shirts covered with clever dance sayings, what’s not to love?  Perfect to wear to practice or when you are relaxing on the weekends. Pick your favorite designs and then decide if you want it on a tank top, short sleeve, long sleeve, or hoodie. They also sell hats, mugs, bags and more.  There is even a whole holiday collection with gems like “waltzin’ in a winter wonderland” and “jingle bell jive”. Use code chaiandchacha to get 10% off your order through December 8th!

Ballroom dance word art print from Etsy: You can pick upto 12 words to include in the word art – perhaps list different dance styles and the recipient’s name. Combine with a beautiful frame and it’s the perfect personalized gift.

Dance books from The Girl with The Tree Tattoo: Choose from a solo practice guide as well as two recently launched dance journals. I am a huge fan of the “Journal for the Whole Dance Journey”, I use it to track what I worked on in each lesson, which helps information soak in faster and makes my future lessons more productive.  For limited time you can even shop discounted holiday bundles – the two journals or the journals plus the Solo Practice Guide. Use code “Laura19” to get 10% off your order through December 1st!

Tickets to the DWTS tour:  Watch the Dancing With the Stars professionals perform live at a theater near you! The tour kicks off in January and runs until April hitting 40+ cities across the US and Canada.  The dancing is top notch and they are usually joined by a celebrity contestant from the previous season.

Rhinestones: Seriously, just buy them a bag of rhinestones! These can be used to add some bling to dance shoes or replace stones that fall off costumes.  One rhinestone vendor I recommend is DreamTime Creations.  If you are new to buying rhinestones, you are going to want to get “flat back rhinestones.” You can choose from Preciosa, which are more affordable but still dazzling, or Swarovski.

A shoe brush: Ballroom dance shoes have suede on the bottom that needs to be brushed occasionally to maintain its traction on the floor. Every dancer needs one in their dance bag. These ones from Very Fine come in a variety of colors.

Giftcard for a massage: Ballroom dancing takes a toll on the body, and massages are great for releasing tight muscles.  I’ve never met a dancer who doesn’t appreciate a good massage.

A personalized robe:  Before performances and competitions many ballroom dancers wear silky robes over their costumes to stay warm.  It also helps protect the costume from spills or snags. Most dancers opt for the traditional black, and it can be a nice touch to get the dancer’s name embroidered on the robe.

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