Setting Intentions for the New Year

If you work in the corporate world like me, then you probably spend this time of year doing an end of year assessment. You reflect back on your goals for the year, write down the projects you completed and how you helped the company deliver results. Then you shift focus to the new year and work on your plan (budget, events, campaigns, etc.).

Similarly as a dancer this is a great time of year to reflect back on what you have achieved and set intentions for the new year.

The first step is to assess your budget and making a realistic plan for how many competitions and showcases you can afford. If you go into the year saying you can do one competition and one showcase, then it’s easier to say no to other things, because you already know what you will say yes to. When you love to dance it’s easy to say “yes” – yes to a coaching every time someone big comes into town, “yes” to the dazzling costume you see, but then you blink and find yourself at the end of the year having spent way more on dance than you ever intended. So make a plan!

If you decide you can do 5 competitions, go ahead and pick which ones! Research online to find event dates that don’t clash with your family/work obligations. You or your instructor should also be able to find approximate pricing in advance, and you can even do some digging to find out how many competitors were in your division at the competition last year. Plus, planning out your competitions in advance lets you space them strategically – maybe you want to avoid any December comps because you want to enjoy that time with your family and be able to indulge in Christmas cookies without feeling stressed about not looking good in your costume. Maybe you want at least 4 weeks between competitions in order to make changes and refine your dancing before you hit the competition floor again.

Whether you are a hardcore competitor or take a more casual approach to dancing you can still make goals for the new year:

  • Do you want to hit silver?
  • Learn the paso doble?
  • Compete for the first time out of state?
  • Go to a social dance and ask 3 people to dance?
  • Attend a dance camp?
  • Get more bounce in your samba?
  • Work on memorizing your routines faster?
  • Make a commitment to practice on your own at least once a week?

Setting and achieving dance goals makes you feel happy and can provide validation beyond just winning medals. What are your dance goals for 2020? I’d love to hear them and cheer you on in your journey!

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