DWTS Season 29 Predictions

As an avid Dancing With The Stars fan who has been watching the show for 10+ years, this is my take on who we’ll see make the top 4 on DWTS this season. In addition to simply being a fan, I am a ballroom dancer myself, so I can’t help but pay attention to the technique, timing, and musicality the celebs have…or don’t have haha.

Last night there were 8 couples that, to me, danced a really solid first dance.  If any of those 8 couples were on a different season of the show they could have totally been a shoe-in for top 4.  But this season there will be tough competition to make it that far.  I think it’ll come down to who can connect with the audience at home, show growth each week, and who has a strong fan base voting.  

Here is my prediction for who will make the top 4 on Season 29 of DWTS:

  • Skai & Alan – So fierce! Skai came out strong with sharp lines and a good frame which she managed to keep through some complicated choreography. Alan did not go easy on that week 1 choreography!  He’s a great teacher and seems hungry for another win.  Plus, Skai has the largest Instagram followings of any celeb on the show with 6.7M followers. 
  • Vernon & Peta – I really enjoyed watching Vernon. He embodied the 3 C’s – calm, confident, and charismatic.  I was impressed by the great connection he and Peta already had on week 1. His frame was promising and he stayed on time for the whole routine.  Plus, we know that football players have historically done well on the show.  If he listens to Peta she can take him far.
  • Justina & Sasha – Sassy and confident! Justina naturally has the latin rhythm in her.  She was fun to watch and seems likeable.  I think she and Sasha will make a good partnership. Con may be that she has one of the smaller fan bases with only 290k Instagram followers, hopefully she can get enough votes to keep her in the competition.
  • Nev & Jenna – Nev looked comfortable on the ballroom floor and had great showmanship.  Yes, he needs to work on not sticking out his bum while in frame, but Jenna can fix that. When they danced side by side it was fantastic! Jenna is great teacher and talented choreographer, so Nev is in good hands. Of these 4 celebrities, Nev has the next largest Instagram following at 1.6M which could play to his advantage.

If you are watching the show this season, who are you rooting for?

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