Hi, my name is Laura and welcome to my blog! Here you’ll find all things ballroom-related (hence, the “chacha”) and a random smattering of other things that make me happy (like “chai” tea lattes and books).

I’ve been dancing ballroom for eight years now. I started on a collegiate team with no experience and have continued competing and performing as part of a pro-am couple after graduating from college. I’m also a big fan of shows like So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing with the Stars.

I hope as you read my posts you’ll be like “uhhh, yep that’s me,” or that I explain something you are embarrassed to ask your dance teacher about, or that I can make you laugh. 

Connect with me on Instagram and Twitter, I’d love to cheer for you along your own dance journey! …Or if you just enjoy watching dance shows, I’m always down to fangirl with you about how attractive Artem is and what a good dad Alan is going to make hahah (DWTS).

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  1. The Thespian says:

    Well hi! Welcome, welcome, welcome. As requested, I have added your site to the unofficial master list for the Ballroom Village sites. If you want to copy the list to add to your site now, feel free! I’ll let others know about the change later tonight when I get home and have a few extra minutes. 🙂

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